Saturday, December 21, 2013

Will I Be Ready for Christmas?

Hi All -
I certainly thought I'd be back before now, but this past week has been a BLUR - I've been socializing and finishing up things for Christmas!  Besides working a couple of days at the hospital, I also went to a Christmas breakfast at Sofia's (which just happens to be the BEST restaurant ever for breakfast; a lovely dinner get-together with four of my best friends; participated in a potluck; made some gifts for some very special people, and made my son fudge. WHEW!!!  I think I could use a few more hours in each day.

I just love my doctor and her staff, so I decided to make something for all of them, just to let them know that they are appreciated.  I thought that since they are on their feet so much of the day, that a "foot soak" would be in order.  Once I started making them, I decided to make more to give to my friends and sisters.  Talk about EASY!!  Just mix (approximately) 20 drops of Pure Peppermint Extract into some Epsom Salts, then add a couple drops (or more) of food coloring and stir well.  There are no measurements, which makes it pretty foolproof.  You then just need to put it into a container.  I found a few different styles of mason jars that I liked, so that's what I used.  What do you think?  I think they turned out really cute, myself.  Also, it felt so good making gifts for people who are special to me.

Here is the first style of mason jar I used.

I used more food coloring in this one, so it's darker.

I also wanted to give gifts to another special group of ladies that I work with.  They are nurses, so work  very hard caring for others.  I decided to put together a "Spa in a Jar" for them (I've really gotten into mason jars, even though I've never canned a thing in my life - LOL).

It's hard to see, but inside are cotton balls, a bottle of polish in Christmas Red, a jar of homemade Peppermint Sugar Foot Scrub (yep, I made that too), a cute little ceramic spoon from Pier One (to get the scrub out of the jar), toe-spreader thingies, aloe infused footies and some Christmas candy!!!  I just put it all in a little cello bag from the Dollar Store, and tied it up with Stampin' Up! ribbon in Gumball Green (I tied a little ornament on the bow too).  I hope they like them.

Finally, I'll give you a look at the fudge I make at Christmas for my son (Jack).  He requests this EVERY year.  I first made it when he as a REALLY little guy.  He's an adult now - and definitely NOT little - but of course I'd still do anything for him….hee-hee.  Jack calls it my "double-decker fudge" because there is a bottom layer of chocolate fudge then a top layer of peanut butter fudge!  It really is melt-in-your-mouth delicious, if I do say so myself!

   This year, I doubled each of the layers……….ymmmmmmmm!!!!

I'm going to leave you with a beautiful Christmas card I received from my sister.  I thought it was so cool the way she sponged the silver Glimmer Paper from Stampin' Up! with Stampin' Up! inks, and was able to dye it different colors.

Enjoy your weekend.  I'm going to a very fancy place for dinner tonight with my hubs and son for our annual family Christmas dinner.  I'M SO EXCITED!!!

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