Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I Love Pinterest

Happy Wednesday!!!
Don't ask me why, but this commercial just cracks me up and I could not resist throwing the picture on my post.  I really do love Wednesdays though - the work week (for most people), is on the down swing, and we're lookin' forward to the weekend.  So, back to my post........

Since I quit working full time a couple months ago, I have been doing more things that I never had the time - or took the time to do.  That includes cooking.  So, I decided I wanted to make some granola, and headed to my computer to pull up PINTEREST!!  My favorite go-to place for just about everything.  There were several recipes for granola, and I found one that sounded good - then I tweaked it a little.  I decided not to add any dried fruits to the mix, but rather add them into the bowl just before eating.   Check out this pan of goodness!!

And let me tell you that it is DELICIOUS!!  We eat it dry, with cold milk, with warm milk, with almond milk, with raisins, with dates......the variations are endless.  I will have to make another pan soon though because this one is going fast!!  Thank you Pinterest.

Thanks for stopping by.  Hugs, 

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