Friday, January 17, 2014

A Fast Trip

Thanks for visiting me again.  Let me update you on the Phoenix Adventure - we leave for Michigan early tomorrow morning...brrrrr.  I am very happy to say that my sister found a house - a very nice house - WITH A POOL (laugh) in one of the suburbs.  I don't remember how many houses we looked at, but we were certainly burning up the Phoenix area freeways!!  We even hit rush hour once - that was a pain - like every other big city.  Please don't think that all we did was house hunt.  We were able to get in a little shopping, and found one of our most favorite stores.

I was able to practice restraint - my sister, not so much!

Since we were in Phoenix, we also decided we had to have Mexican food which just happens to be a favorite of both of us.  After all, we are very close to the border.  Not knowing the area though, we did some googling (don't you just love the internet??), and found a restaurant that was fairly close to the hotel.  It turned out to be a small "Mom & Pop" type place - and the food was WONDERFUL!!!

We LOVE Mexican food - especially authentic, and we ate ourselves silly.  They had the best pico de gallo I've ever tasted.  There was also a Menudo Bar, which we could not bring ourselves to try, but look at what we DID have.......... 
I was half way thru my taco when I decided to take a picture of the food. 

Here's my whole dinner (oops - the chips are missing).... 

....and here is my sister's!

This is definitely one restaurant I want to return to - maybe tonight for dinner!  By the way - do you know what Menudo is?  Well, it is a traditional Mexican soup made with beef stomach (that's why I didn't try it - I wasn't sure if I could "stomach" it! LOL) It is in broth with a red chili pepper base.  Condiments on the bar included lime, chopped onion and cilantro.   Just not my style!  

I am so happy for my sister.  She has wanted to move back to Arizona for a long time, having lived here about 13 years ago.  At the same time though, I am so sad.  My two sisters are my best friends, and I am going to miss her - a LOT!  She is such an incredible lady who I love and respect so much.  She has raised two beautiful daughters - on her own - as a single mom since they were very small girl.  And when our father became really ill about a year ago, she transferred from Indiana to Michigan so that she could stay with my parents, and help our other sister care for them until dad passed away in September.  She did this while continuing to work full time in another city.  She has a great love for her family, and a huge heart.  That's my baby sister!!!

My hubby and I had decided a while ago that we wanted to winter in the southwest - so guess where we will be once we retire when the north winds start blowing???  Let me leave you with just a few more photos of this area.  I'm already missing it!

Can you tell I love the mountains?? 

Thanks again for visiting.  I'll be back a little later with more Stampin' Up! info.

Hugs, Nancy

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