Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Phoenix Adventure

Being new to this blogging game, I'm trying to decide exactly what and how much personal stuff to post.  While I want my blog to inspire creativity, much of mine comes from the experiences I've had.  With that being said, sharing with you some of those experiences may help you understand me better, and may even give you inspiration at times.

Yesterday I'd indicated that January came in with a flurry for me.  The weather not withstanding, another reason for that is I needed to prepare for a trip to Arizona!!  It came up rather suddenly.  My sister - and one of my very best friends, is transferring to the Phoenix area, and asked me to come along with her to house hunt.  WHAT???!!  She wanted me to leave all of this lovely snow behind in Michigan.  I decided that I had to make that sacrifice though; she needs my help and guidance, since she is my baby sister.  We are staying in a lovely hotel/suite at the Holiday Inn.  When I heard where we were going to be living for a week I thought, "well OK - it could be worse".  But this place is LOVELY!!!  Our room is right off of an inner courtyard with the pool, hot tub and several areas to sit and enjoy the Arizona sunshine.  It is landscaped so nicely, and a wonderful change from the weather we left at home.  Here are a few photos of the courtyard.

At night, the fire pits are on, which really feel good.  Since this is a desert area, and it is winter, the nights are cool.  

We've done some exploring of the area, and spent time walking thru downtown Tempe.  It is really nice - a laid back, college like atmosphere with lots of little shops, and interesting places to eat. 

We were a little scared to eat here!

A store that sells all natural/cannabis free products!  OK!!!

Even though this area is not lush like our home state, there is a lot of beauty here.  I love the mountains,   flowers and the variety of cacti.  We saw citrus fruit trees on the side of the road!  OK - for people who live in climates where this is an everyday sight give me a break.  We have fruit trees in Michigan, but NOT lemon trees on the curb!!

We are headed out to meet the realtor this morning, and look at houses.  My sister insists on having one with a pool!  

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  1. Enjoyed reading your adventure! Looks beautiful out there. Take me in your suitcase the next time you go! P.S. good blog!